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About “Getting you better, in as few sessions as possible, safely and effectively”
Osteopath Fulham Osteo Revive

Andy focuses his treatment for the individual and seeks not only to address the symptoms. The time and care delivered by Andy during his treatment reflects his patient cantered approach.

He qualified with a master’s degree from the British School of Osteopathy. Prior to this he studied sport and exercise science, fitness instruction, sports massage and medical acupuncture.

Andy has additional experience in specialist clinics. He also runs his clinic in Hampshire and works closely with running coaches and personal trainers offering a bespoke service for the treatment and performance management of runners.

He also works as a teaching associate for osteopathic technique, medical acupuncture and is a published contributor for osteopathic manipulation.

M.Ost Osteopathy (Fully registered and insured)
  • Masters degree in Osteopathy

  • Qualified in sport and exercise science, fitness instruction, sports massage and medical acupuncture

  • Specialist clinic experience

  • Contributed to a book about the mechanics of osteopathic manipulation

“His knowledge and enthusiasm for his job supported my recovery exceptionally. Thanks to Andy I’ve been recovering far quicker than previously anticipated by my physicians back in Berlin.”

Osteopath Fulham Osteo ReviveDr M.M,
ENT and facial plastic surgery specialist

“Excellent practitioner for those with sports-related problems.”

Osteopath Fulham Osteo ReviveDr Z.S,
Consultant Radiologist

“Andy has helped me stay in top condition. I can highly recommend him.”

Osteopath Fulham Osteo ReviveMr O.P,
Professional Gymnast

“In addition to his obvious skill and expertise, Andy is very friendly and personable and extremely enthusiastic about what he does.”

Osteopath Fulham Osteo ReviveMr C.U,

“As a Wellbeing Expert and therapist, I have been working in top clinics all over the world. That meant I had a choice of health professionals that I could work with. On a personal and professional level, I always want to make sure that only the best look after myself and my clients. Andy, is definitely one of those.”

Osteopath Fulham Osteo ReviveMr TTT,
Celebrity Hypnotherapist &
Meditation Coach


  • Lower back and hip pain

  • Upper back and neck pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Arthritis

  • Elbow and wrist pain

  • Headache

  • Postural advice and correction

  • Knee, ankle and foot pain

Google Reviews

  • Being a Ballroom dancer/teacher who is constantly training causes a lot of strain and tension to my body. I've had regular massages for years, but Andy has made such a difference over the three visits that I've realised that I don't have to live with the tightness and soreness. Highly recommended.

    Osteopath Fulham Osteo Revive Charles S M Chan
  • Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly service. Using a good mix of manipulation, massage and acupuncture. Appointments run on time and the location is good.

    Osteopath Fulham Osteo Revive john davis
  • I went to see Andy for the first time 1month ago with a lower back pain that prevented me from doing sport more than 1hour. After a few sessions, manipulation and acupuncture, teaching exercices, everything was fine again and I can do sports again as long as I want. I definitely recommend him.

    Osteopath Fulham Osteo Revive Gabs siatok