Shoulder Pain

Sub Acromial Impingement

This condition is caused by the rotator cuff tendons (group of 4 muscles that stabilise the shoulder) and/or the biceps tendon becoming pinched between the acromion (part of the scapula) and the greater tuberosity (a bony prominence at the top of the humerus). Pain is often noticed when flexing (lifting arm in front of you) or abducting (bringing the arm up from the side) at around 70-120°. Repeat overhead activities, previous strains, and a weak rotator cuff can predispose to this condition.

Rotator Cuff Strain

Due to the shoulders excellent range of motion it relies on its muscles (primarily the rotator cuff) rather than ligaments for its stability. Unfortunately because of this the shoulder is predisposed to suffering strains. Rotator cuff and serratus anterior exercises are often prescribed to assist in recovery and prevent reoccurrence of injury. A thorough assessment of the shoulder can help address any weakness or dysfunction.

Adhesive Capsulitis

Frozen shoulder can be an extremely painful and disabling condition and takes approximately 4-18months to recover with treatment. It usually starts with mild pain and stiffness often unspecific to certain movements. This makes it difficult to deferentially diagnose initially. The condition is caused by the capsule that surrounds the shoulder joint becoming thickened and inflamed progressively limiting movement and causing pain. It is unknown why this condition occurs.

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