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I have always been a regular runner but in the last five or so years, I have upped the ante and started running half-marathons and marathons.  It’s fair to say that I do not have a natural runner’s physique in that I am 6’2” and fairly solidly built, and after a while ‘niggles’ and injuries started to creep in.  In particular, in the lead up to the Berlin Marathon I started experiencing a sharp stabbing pain in my left knee during and after my weekly ‘long runs’.

I really wasn’t sure whether there was anything that could be done or whether it was just “one of those things” and the likely end of my marathon running ‘career’ (as I like to think of it).  As I wasn’t quite ready to hang up the running shoes just yet, I started looking for help.

I had not seen an Osteopath before but decided to give it a try so I made an appointment to see Andy at Revive in Earls Court.  The short term goal was to patch me up so I could get through the Berlin Marathon (which was about 2 months away).  Andy diagnosed the problem and through a combination of sports massage, medical acupuncture and manipulation got me running again.  In addition to the main treatment, Andy emphasised the importance of prevention through exercise advice, enabling me to perform several new stretches that targeted problem areas.  With Andy’s help, I got through the Berlin Marathon, more or less pain free.

Since the Berlin Marathon, I have continued seeing Andy, albeit less frequently.  I no longer have any pain in my left knee but still do experience the odd niggle.  Andy listens carefully to my explanations of any pain or discomfort that I have experienced, and tailors his treatment accordingly.  As a result, I have seen dramatic improvements in my running – in the last few months I have managed PBs this year over both 10km and half-marathon distances, and am due to run the Copenhagen Marathon soon.

In addition to his obvious skill and expertise, Andy is very friendly and personable and extremely enthusiastic about what he does.  Andy has undoubtedly extended my running ‘career’ and I am extremely grateful to him for that.  I would certainly recommend Andy to other clients (especially long distance runners!) If you need an osteopath in Earls Court he is the man to see.

by Craig Ulyatt, barrister.

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