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Matteo’s Story



I first went to Revive after suffering with my knee following a skiing accident. I was very concerned about this at the time and fortunately sought Andy’s help at Earls Court.

Having suffered numerous injuries to my knee in the past, I was skeptical about how much could be done to help. I had not seen an osteopath before, and getting tired of these persistent issues I thought I would see what could be done. I was very impressed by the initial assessment, and was told what had happened and why it was reoccurring – something no one had bothered to really explain to me before.

He gave me some exercise advice initially and did some massage techniques into the muscles around my knee and leg. He also did some osteopathic manipulation for my lower back pain I occasionally get, which helped greatly. The treatment programme discussed with me was easy to understand, and I knew how many sessions would be required and what to expect. I was very happy that after 4 weeks my symptoms had completely resolved.

I was impressed the most by his friendliness, he always spoke clearly and confidently addressed any issue – Should anyone need an osteopath in central London, I’d highly recommend him.

By Matteo Rossetti, Architectural Design

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